January 25, 2011

From Blogger and Wix to WordPress

It’s official…
I’ve migrated to a wordpress site from my blogger and wix sites. Why?

See my reasons at my new blog... and...
... if you are reading this in a google reader or am one of my sweet 32 or so followers... 
save http://marycarlisleart.com/ That's where I'll be from now on.


January 8, 2011

Week 1's Art Project

Week 1 of 2011. 7 days. 1 painting. Done. "Convergence."

Also, I really am planning to revamp this blog, actually blog, and all those other things people with decent web presence should do. We are joining the 21st century and getting internet at our apartment on Monday...so get ready. If only the way that I draw out "the perfect website" on paper could just be cut and pasted into the world wide web with full functionality and no code writing. Nonetheless, welcome to 2011 and my creative pursuit of it. I feel the need to say it's going to be the best year yet... that could either be true or just be conviction due to the fact that I've heard so many others say it as well...you can be the judge of that.

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! ...haiku...

Suzy Eventually Learned She Had Been Led to Believe a Lie 
by Her Sunday School Teachers (and Most Nativity Scenes) 
by Elizabeth Hyndman

On the first Christmas,
wise men weren't at the manger.
Surprise! Christmas truth.

Illustrated by me.

December 17, 2010

Haikus and Illustrations

When Elizabeth and I end up in the same place... this is what happens. We talk about lots of awesome ministry and dreams, what we want to convey to people our age via written Bible study material, and lots of random, useless stuff...like this: A haiku---just for you:

Upon a Conversation About God's Permissable Will and Perfect Will at Fido, a Popular Coffee Shop in Hillsboro Village, Nashville, Tennessee.
Hazelnut breve
What's the plural of haiku?
Arranged marriages?

You can also view it here at Elizabeth's blog (the author).
((not the best photo..but give us some credit. It's on an envelope [a yellow birthday card envelope to be exact] and it's quite dark in Fido.))

December 13, 2010

7in7: Day 6: The Riches of Friendship

Well...I've had two requests this week for commissioned paintings. I'm so excited! I love doing paintings for other people. Here's my sketch for one of those. ((They are for Christmas gifts...so I'm barely in line with the rules.))

-Friends like Jonathan and David
-Would take care of each other's Mephibosheth (he was welcomed to the king's table)
-Friends lean on each other
-Worshipping with each other
-David dancing in the streets

Got more of this type of artsy stuff at www.marycarlisleart.com.
7in7: Christmas Edition is almost finished.... only one more day. Check out all 7 of Elizabeth's posts, too: http://naminganimals.blogspot.com/