January 8, 2011

Week 1's Art Project

Week 1 of 2011. 7 days. 1 painting. Done. "Convergence."

Also, I really am planning to revamp this blog, actually blog, and all those other things people with decent web presence should do. We are joining the 21st century and getting internet at our apartment on Monday...so get ready. If only the way that I draw out "the perfect website" on paper could just be cut and pasted into the world wide web with full functionality and no code writing. Nonetheless, welcome to 2011 and my creative pursuit of it. I feel the need to say it's going to be the best year yet... that could either be true or just be conviction due to the fact that I've heard so many others say it as well...you can be the judge of that.


Willie Mac said...

I look forward to seeing you write more; you have a interesting perspective and style (please don't ask me to define that, I simply cannot).

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